Masters in Cash


With our in-house developed dating offers are you sure you get the best percentages possible. You’ll make loads of money and are able to live up to new standards…  Buy the things you most desire or work from anywhere in the world. Do you work on a revenue share or are you more a CPL kind of person?

New & exclusive

We create offers like they’re freshly baked cookies. It’s our job to provide you with the best offers possible.

International market reach

Our offers are live in a growing number of countries. Today we are active in more than 30 GEO’s.

Fast payments

Monthly payments, always by the first of the month. We make sure you always get paid in time.

Niche offers

We have built 1 of the largest product portfolios in the marketplace, some of them being contact sites but also exciting niches.


Open communication is a critical element for successful businesses. We will tell you what’s on our minds. All of the time. We also trust you to do the same.

Experienced managers

With more than 10 years of adult dating experience, we support you in earning as much money as you can handle and realizing your success.



Ok enough about us
Now listen to our affiliates. What do they say about us?

Display marketer
Masters in Cash was one of the first companies I worked with as an affiliate. It’s refreshing to deal with people that mix business with fun. From the launch stage up until today I find the team extremely proactive and creative constantly helping me grow my business.
Display marketerUnited Kingdom
display marketer
Masters in Cash truly live up to their name. CPLs are a thing of the past. People seem to think Revenue share is about making Money back next year. Its about making your Money back next month!
display marketerSweden
e-mail marketer
The offers convert quick but they also generate a lot of rebills which i like. The portal has the most important details and they update really quick. The team is always friendly, professional and also funny. I already recommended them once and would do it again.
e-mail marketerGermany