Don’t miss out on the 3rd edition of the Masters in Cash Ibiza Summer Challenge! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to party like you’ve never partied before… At the #1 party island IBIZA. Champagne popping and VIP tables that’s how the Masters like it! Everyone has a chance to live the Masters life in Ibiza.


From Wednesday the 10th till Saturday the 13th of July 2019. Right after Affiliate World Europe. We’ll fly from Barcelona to Ibiza.


We’ll enjoy sunny Ibiza during the days and after getting tanned and having fun all day, we replace our swimming wear for our evening outfits and find out what it’s like to party like a VIP in the best clubs of Ibiza.


We’ll welcome you in one of the most beautiful and luxurious villa’s Ibiza has to offer.


FREE TIP: Don’t make plans for the days after as well, so you’ll have enough time to recover from a whole weekend of partying!

Ushuaia Kygo Masters in Cash

How to make a chance?

It’s simple: Every affiliate has a chance to win, but the more traffic you send to our offers, the more chance you’ll make. Imagine a big lottery bowl with loads of lottery tickets and only 15 spots to fill. If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, you should go for the guaranteed spot! There’re different rules for REV SHARE affiliates and CPL affiliates, read them carefully.


Contact your affiliate manager to get to know the ins and outs. Leave nothing to chance and start making money.




Get 1 lottery ticket

Existing affiliates, increase your sales by 5% or send 300 extra leads. New affiliates reach € 1.000 of sales or send 300 leads and get 1 lottery ticket.

Get 3 lottery tickets

Existing affiliates, increase your sales by 10% or send 600 extra leads. New affiliates, reach € 3.000 of sales or send 750 leads and get 3 lottery tickets.

Get 10 lottery tickets

Existing affiliates, increase your sales by 40% or send 1.750 extra leads. New affiliates reach € 10.000 of sales or send 2.500 leads and get 10 lottery tickets.

Guaranteed spot!

Reach an (extra) payout of €50.000 in 3 months and get a guaranteed spot on the master plane to Ibiza!